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Fitness Freaks: For strength in a workout, you need the best pre-workout supplement, and to regain your muscle strength, you need a post-workout supplement. 

It sums up the whole idea of including pre-workout and post-workout protein supplements in your daily workout regime. 



For all fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders, the best pre-workout supplements and post-workout supplements are common terms they come across during their exercise regime. But, a beginner who is just trying to fit in the atmosphere of choosing the best workout supplement ends up confused because of the varieties in protein powders.


Exercise has become a primary activity in today’s individual life. A regular exercise routine improves your body posture, muscle strength and keeps your body fit. It also tries to boost metabolism, lower the risk of diseases, and maintain weight. But, to be consistent with a workout routine requires essential nutrients for the human body.


Protein is one of the vital nutrients and has many roles to play. It is responsible for growth and development in the human body. It is a boost for the body to generate energy. It is essential nutrition for muscle growth and strength in muscles. An ample amount of it in the diet is mandatory to maintain the growth and firmness of muscles.


Protein is a structure made up of a chain of amino acids. There are nine essential amino acids required for the rebirth and recovery of muscles. Our body does not produce the necessary amino acids. Therefore, food remains the only source to complete the requirement.

However, food alone cannot fulfill the protein requirement of the body. So protein shakes become necessary to maintain our muscle growth.


The role of Pre-workout and Post-workout supplements come into action to fulfill the required nutritional values in our bodies. It comes in different flavors and varieties like protein capsules, powders, and bars. Also, there are plant-based and animal-based supplements that are rich in essential amino acids. Protein shakes are functional when high-protein sources are not available around you.

Our body needs energy for our working muscles that one can consume through pre-workout and post-workout protein powders. They help to build and repair our muscles.


Pre-Workout Supplements

They are a range of supplements used by athletes, bodybuilders, and weightlifters to enhance their workout performance. As the name suggests, one should take them before 30-60 mins or during the workout to boost the energy levels and improve performance.

Pre-workout supplements contain ingredients such as caffeine, creatine, citrulline, beta-alanine. These supplements are like energy boosters, taken to increase stamina and stay focused during a workout. Check out these brands that fulfill all your criteria to choose the protein.

  1. Six Pack Nutrition– One of the brands to trust to pump up your workout regime is Six Pack Nutrition. Six Pack Nutrition Pump-Up Pre-Workout Formula helps in increasing strength and mental focus.
  2. My Protein– Second reliable source for protein supplements is My Protein. Pre-Workout Blend and The Pre-Workout (Mypre Explosive) help to kick start your workout regime.
  3. Muscletech– Another brand for the best pre-workout supplement is Muscletech. MuscleTech Pro Series Neurocare Pre-workout (Icy Blue Raspberry) and MuscleTech Vapor Pre-Workout (Blueberry Lemonade) try to give a boost to your training sessions and resist the power.


Post-Workout Supplements

They are a range of supplements used after a hard training session or workout. Our body needs recovery after a hard-core training session or other physical activities. Our muscle tissues break during strength training, and a post-workout supplement repairs and minimizes muscle damage. It is a nutrition supplement that restores your energy, assists in muscle building, and provides adequate protein to prevent muscle protein breakdown and stimulate muscle synthesis. It becomes vital to consume carbs and protein post-workout. Post-workout supplements include glutamine, BCAA, whey, and casein protein that help to regrow muscle cells. Look into the following brands that may fulfill your protein requirement.

  1. My Protein– Get on the board for your post-workout supplement with the brand My Protein. Weight Gainer Blend, Impact EAA, and L-Glutamine powder are perfect for your post-workout recovery.
  2. MuscleTech– Another brand for post-workout protein supplements is MuscleTech. MuscleTech Cell tech Hyper-Build Post-Workout Supplement and MuscleTech Amino Build Next Gen BCAA Formula with Betaine are two other performance boosters for the recovery of muscles.
  3. MusclePharm– Another well-known brand for post-workout protein supplements is Muscle Pharm. Muscle Pharm Essentials BCAA Powder is a post-recovery drink that restores muscle tissues.









Pre-workout and Post-workout protein supplements are nutritional supplements that satisfy all the body-nutritional numbers. An active individual with a constant workout routine can consume 12-20grams of pre and post-workout protein supplements. Individuals like gym-goers, athletes, weight trainers, and inactive people can consume protein supplements without expert supervision. But, in some cases, where the body is non-tolerant to protein in any form, they are exempted from protein supplements.


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