Training Security Guards California For VIP Protection

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Although the term ‘Bodyguard’ till today is picturized with a stereotype image of muscle-build man which acts as a line of protection between the public and their client. But now the scenario is changed, and it is now more professional and hires well qualified guards for this role. Nowadays it is termed as close protection.


VIP Security:

-It refers to ‘Very Important Person’ security and is usually implies to celebrity, artist, musician, politician, CEO, Banker, Businessman etc. But it can also be hired by any normal person who is just looking for exclusive protection. VIPs does not need to be a famous actor, but he can be any public figure who earned his name in some or the other ways.

-VIPs are usually prone to incidents like robbery, murder, kidnap, assault due to their wealth or because of their influential figure.

-Although this is a high responsibility job where you are accountable for life of a person, the security guards who are in this profile enjoys certain benefits like higher pay, luxury travel and one get a chance to be in close contact with the celebrity. But this job requires serious security skills in the person.

Close protection and executive protection officers

-The role of VIP bodyguard is usually carried out by the Security guards California who already have experience as close protection officer or different roles of armed protection officers.

-Being Bodyguard is an elite role and the respective guards must go through several training sessions to acquire the skills required for this job.

-As these security services is part of private security industry so these are regulated by the State Laws. The firm providing these services should have a valid license issued by the state as well as proper registration.

Services of Bodyguards:

They are primarily hired to protect their client. Their duties include the below services:

-Advance planning for the regular days and any special event by coordinating with various people to be met by the client.

-To regularly monitoring the security system and assessing the possible threat.

-Usually maintain a low profile and allows the client to carry on their day-to-day life until some risk is observed.

-They closely scrutinize the related environment of the client including their family and friends, their mode of transportation, environment they are living in, food they are having or their personal data.

Training Bodyguards for protecting VIPs:

This role involves extensive and thorough training of the security guards by the provider of Security guard services. These guards are not just trained but also have valid credentials which is approved by the State laws. They should also be educated from the government approved executive protection schools.

-They are very often trained for the defensive driving techniques.

-They are trained for both armed and unarmed combat, risk surveillance.

-Trained regarding the basic health and safety and different aspects of communication skills.

-They are trained to assess the threat and mitigate the risks.

-They are trained on how to make the venue secure by well proofing the suspected risks.

-Trained to plan the journey in the most protective environment by choosing the secure routes for the client.

-Trained to handle the search operations and related resources.

-Trained to deal with the situation in case of any incident or conflict.

-Trained to use the latest and updated security technologies.

-Trained on how to keep recordings and where to report in case of contingency.

-Trained for the strategic shooting and use of the weapons which are concealed.

-Fire alarm trainings are must.

-Trained to control the public gathering and how to keep your client away from the public.

-Trained to carry out the first aid services in emergencies.

-Trained to use the chemical spray, Night stick, guns etc.

-Trained to set up a commander set up where all their activities will be controlled centrally. Thus, to ensure that you are hiring the best bodyguards for protecting the VIP’s you should approach the best security service provider in the State.

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