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5 Tips That Can Help You To Become A Ghostwriter

Are you also one of them that doesn’t want to enjoy visibility over the digital platforms? In fact, you’re one of those who have the passion to share knowledge by creating blogs, ebooks, or any other text format content.

If your answer is YES, then, this entire blog post is for you that would help you to become a” Ghostwriter” for any niche. Over the internet you can find a bunch of ghostwriting services, but if you want to join the ghostwriting skills or what points you should keep in mind then follow this blog at the end.

Before we talk about the key points of becoming the perfect ghostwriter, it’s important to understand what a ghostwriter is and what their duties are.

What’s Ghostwriting & Their Duties?

To explain the ghostwriter term in simple words; so, these are the people who take care of the curation and content production part like articles, copy for landing pages, eBooks, and a lot more without having the courtesy of their own bio. In short, ghostwriters are the persons who manage and handle the content on behalf of someone else and never share their own presence. Sometimes, I think, it’s really kind of odd but ghostwriting industry has been bombed for a couple of years now.

So, with ghostwriters, it is always sure that you would be the content producer and it would be published by someone else’s profile. Just to give you another example, it mainly becomes when you try to work on guest posting on different resources with the same niche you’re working on. So, with that, you can expand your audience footprints.

And, there’s no doubt that ghostwriters have a huge opportunity in the freelance market. 

How To Become A Ghostwrite

Let’s talk about what key points you should follow or keep in mind in order to become a ghostwriter. 

1. Have Your Own Portfolio 

Well, I know you found it very strange by knowing this fact that you need to have your portfolio that justifies or confirms in order to have the business as a ghostwriter.

So, after reading this clause, the first question that comes to your mind will be how to build your own portfolio and what things are required? Assuming that you don’t have any portfolio for now. But, you do have worked on the blog post or some sort of content that has been published on the internet via different resources. Now, what you need to do is compile them in a single resource and it could be a small static page that can be easily built using WordPress.  

If you have two or three live publications, start with them. It’s not necessary to belong and be drawn out. Make it concise and get the attention of your targeted concern. Once you’re done with it. You can share your profile or a portfolio on different freelance resources like Upwork,, Fiverr, Thumbtack, Be hance and the list goes on. Remember, it takes time to land on the project; so be patient and you will be there on dream projects. 

Always remember: “dream big but start with a small”

2. Become a Freelance Editor

The second tip that can help you to boost your chances of becoming a ghostwriter is to kick off with a freelance editor. You might think why is that? Following are the reasons that totally make sense to me and I’m sure that will convince you as well.

So, you will be showcasing yourself as a freelance writer and these editing skills would give a different horizon and perspective for producing content. First thing, it will help you to improve the content styling and gives you a strong grasp of grammar nitty-gritty. In a nutshell, it opens up your horizon to produce different sorts of content. Ultimately, makes your portfolio more prominent as compared to others. 

3. Start Getting Hands-on Writing Lengthy Content

As I mentioned above, you have to start with small assignments. Gradually, you will build the connections and it also happens that people start referring on behalf of your work.

However, you have to also keep this thing in mind that the small content won’t pay you much. Once you have gained the experience and worked on the 10 – 20 small assignments then, it’s the time to target the big fish which means start producing evergreen and it takes 5000 – 6000 words per blog or sometimes more than that depending on the requirements.

Similarly, if you get the opportunity to write eBooks or novels then you must have the strength to write in length while maintaining all the aspects of the content. It includes storytelling, structure, style, grammar, and a couple more things.

4. Build & Develop Your Own Voice as Per Brand Requirements

I want to add this point on purpose because I want to share my experience here. As a ghostwriter you need to remember that you’re not writing for yourself, you’re writing for someone else. So you have to alter or opt for a different voice that depicts your original voice. 

Here you need to adopt the tone for the brand and build yourself to produce that brand voice. And, how do you recognize that brand tone? You have to check with current content on their own website and you can also ask for the samples just to take inspiration. You can embrace the metaphors they use, the sentence structure, or the way of styling writing different technical terminologies like “ecommerce” or “eCommerce” or “e-commerce”.

I hope, now you have an idea of what I mean by setting up the tone as per the brand requirements.

5. Post-Purchase Communications 

So, this skill is really important. If you have a full grasp of above the tips & strategies. And. if you don’t know how to convince or communicate with the client then, things will remain in a stagnant position.

You have to understand what your client is looking for, ask questions if you get stuck on something, and don’t start on anything that you’re unclear about. 

Summing It Up!

Writing is an art! You have to utilize all your creative imagination and thoughts in one place in order to craft engaging content. And, when you have the capabilities to work as a ghostwriter then it becomes a WIN-WIN situation as a writer.

Not everyone can be a ghostwriter and not everyone tends to be a ghostwriter which feels like work without courtesy. My big shoutout to all the ghostwriters and if you’re planning to become; my best wishes are with you.

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