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Do Social Networks Secretly Listen To Us?

A technology expert has revealed a simple trick to find out the truth

A man shared a simple trick that shows us if our laptop, phone or social media apps are listening to us.

Canadian Morten Rand Hendriksen, a technology expert, is regularly asked if anyone could listen to their conversations with others.

He decided to design a test, which is incredibly simple, and shared it with his TikTok followers so that they could try it for themselves.

Morten said those who want to test this should have a discussion with a friend and then watch if social media starts recommending ads on that topic, according to Mirror. He told TikTok: “ Don’t listen. , but I know you don’t believe me when I say that, so here’s an experiment you can do yourself. You need a friend for that and a lot of patience. “

“So don’t interact with the product, just talk about it and only when you’re together, and keep your phones handy when you’re doing this. More than likely, what you will discover is that, as long as you only talk about it, the product does not appear in advertisements “.

Morten said the tester should then wait a few weeks and then try to find the product he was talking about. He continued: “You will quickly discover that your conversations are being ignored, but the moment you do any kind of search on a device, everything is taken over immediately.”

Allegations that social apps are listening to their users have been circulating for some time, but Facebook denies this. Earlier, a spokesman said: “Facebook does not use your phone’s microphone to inform you with ads or to change what you see in the News Feed.”

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