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The Impact of Video Marketing in 2022

To begin with, first of all, think as an average user of social networks. As you scroll through the feed, what will you focus on: the video or the link that leads to the text? It is likely that the opinions are divided, but the video would, according to many studies, take precedence.

Let’s say that some of that research, like this one for this year, which can be founder on the Internet, shows that more than 80 percent of the traffic on the Internet is created by video. In the last three years, research shows a huge jump in the impact of video on marketing and internet traffic in general, so it is not surprising that as much as one third of all online activities are related to watching videos.

A narrative that is told in a very tempting and attractive way with, say, dynamic shots, well-chosen music, and adequate graphics in many situations will be more attractive to users and then to potential clients in relation to, say, text.

Of course, neither video can replace text nor text can replace video, but in today’s world where the attention of the average user, especially younger ones, lasts only 15 seconds, video is an ideal way to catch their attention and, more importantly, to keep it and send the message you want to reach your potential and/or regular customers.
However, video is a very “slippery” terrain, considering that today anyone can make it with the help of numerous tools offered on the Internet, and quality video content still requires a strategy, because the level of quality is very easy to spot.

This does not mean, of course, that it is necessary to invest a lot of money and serious production for that, especially since video should become a permanent part of your marketing strategy and one of the most valuable tools, so you need to get it quickly done and efficiently with little money and achieve an effect with them.
It sounds a bit unrealistic and demanding, but you shouldn’t give up so easily! Because, if we go back to just a few sentences above, we have already said that there are numerous options.

One of those options is, Plainly! It is this tool that allows you to not only create, but also automate video, so that with great time savings, you skip the thousands of steps that would otherwise be required of you if you want more video material. With Plainly in front of you, you will not only get a finished video, but also the remaining time you’ve saved, you can direct to some other part of your business or leisure space.

However, in order to create a video, we first need to determine who our target group is. Who are we talking to at all?
It is clear that video material, just like other marketing tools, cannot be the same for everyone and needs to be adapted. Therefore, it is necessary to first know your target group, what they react to, and what they need from the information. Whether with this video, you just want to interest them in saying more information on the site, getting them to contact you for more details, or just using the video to place all the information.

Remember that texts are still at the top when it comes to content on social networks, which is why it is important to think about whether you will publish the video together with some accompanying text or if the text will be a kind of announcement for what will be presented in the video.

It is all influenced by your target group-what are the users of digital channels, to which content they react most positively, and what, for example, attracted them the most to visit the site.

When you know what your target audience requires, the impact of video on marketing is already half solved!

This is exactly what dictates the way you will prepare the video. Namely, very often the starting point is to create a video the way it suits you, and very often people unknowingly set themselves as the target group, but you should definitely control that. It is clear that you must be satisfied with the video material, but do not forget that the impact of video marketing is much greater than its popularity.

Here are five specific effects of video on marketing, although there are many more:

⦁ Recognition of your brand

If each video material has the same visual identity, i.e., the visual identity of your company, whatever is in the video, over time, it becomes very recognizable that it is your video, even if someone is showing it outside your channels. That is why it is very important to be consistent in creating videos when it comes to visual identity, such as using logos or always using the same announcement and check-out tips, which will make your video memorable and, most importantly, recognizable.

⦁ Positioning in the digital world

Then, when we already have recognizable videos, which are an integral part of your marketing strategy and there are already some dynamics to publishing videos, your communication channels will rise to the top of the search every time someone, or a potential client, searches for a product or service in your business field. Also, don’t forget that the video material contributes to your site’s being qualified as relevant precisely because of SEO optimization.

⦁ A good video suits others as well

And why would you only use your own channels? Attractive videos can be very well placed on other people’s communication channels, as well as on classic electronic media. For example, when we talk about “other people’s” communication channels, it can be the blog of a highly followed blogger, journalist, or expert whose blog touches your sphere of business and who can help you promote it by sharing videos on your channel, which is useful. For example, if you say, show some process of your work that would reveal some positive aspects of your business.

Let’s say you are a manufacturer of cosmetics that uses a certain type of plant in its production, and through the video, you show the process of using the fruits of that plant or the way it affects the improvement of skin quality, etc.

Other communication channels can be classic electronic media, such as radio and TV stations, which will always accept the finished advertisement that you deliver to them, rather than enter into negotiations about creating it, which will be even more expensive.

⦁ Build the trust of your clients

It is in the nature of each of us to like to peek behind the scenes, even in the case of researching a company whose product or service you want to afford. That’s why you allow your clients to peek behind your curtain. Start with yourself. You will always decide on the product you saw for its creation, in which conditions, it will be convincing for all of us. That is, we will build trust in the company whose client we want to become. This way, you can not only attract new customers but also strengthen the connection with regular customers, which should not be forgotten.

⦁ It is a material that is shared

It is the video material that is at the forefront of social media that is being shared more than texts and photos. Whether it’s a Tiktok video, Instagram video, Facebook video or some other social media, this creates an increase in traffic on the profiles of your social networks or sites. It all depends on where the video is posted and how it is connected to other channels of your communication, and thus the opportunity to “bring” people to your channels and the information you want to place. That is, occupy and keep their attention as long as possible.
Don’t forget, too, that the video material is great for sending through cold emailing or newsletters to your contact list. This will surely be the easiest way to attract attention!

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Nebojsa Savicic is the co-founder of Plainly, a no-code video generation tool. He writes about no-code workflows, video automation and startups.

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