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Web Development Trends and the Latest Web Technology Stacks in 2022

Nowadays the world gives us no chance but to apply high-technologies when running a business. It is a crucial part of its success. Another important thing is to stay up-to-date. In combination, these two points bring us to web development trends, which, in fact, changes much faster than any other industry.

So, accurate web development tendencies are exactly what we will talk about today, plus, the latest web technology stacks. The following list will surely come in handy, regardless of your niche: be it startup innovations or marketplace development.

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Hottest Web Tech Trends to Adopt in 2022

Trends play a huge role when leading a business to the top. Therefore, we must keep up. And in order to do so, the first thing is to figure out what they are. Here are the best eight web development trends to cling to in your next project:

1. Voice search

The very first e-commerce trend to go is to use a voice assistant. Depending on a gadget’s operation system, it might be either Siri or Google Assistant. There also exist alternatives of smart speakers empowered by artificial intelligence.

The process is pretty simple and comprehensive. The only thing you have to do is to give a voice command to your device instead of searching and typing it with your fingers. Smart speakers can inform the weather, play music, set alarms, create to-do lists, send messages, and answer questions.

Voice search is a very affordable, modern, and easy-to-use instrument of communication. Almost 40% percent of the entire population already successfully apply it on a daily basis.

2. WebAssembly

JavaScript entails certain restrictions, which causes performance degradation. Advanced calculations are slow and, therefore, have an impact on the user experience. For this reason, applications are most often used as native desktop-based only.

WebAssembly aims to make some changes with that. It gives the opportunity for any app to run in a browser. Speaking of it, there are four browsers WebAssembly supports: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and WebKit.

This trendy tool is very fast and safe and allows coding in multiple languages. With its help, it is much easier to reach wide audiences.

3. Content personalization through machine learning

Content personalization has become commonplace for most developers, and this trend is not going to retreat. Any client or user, feeling a personalized approach, is much more involved in the process and interested in the product. This is done using machine learning. Such a process does not require the intervention of programmers, but only collects and organizes data for further improvements in the work.

4. Data security

Data protection has been and remains the main concern of web developers. Especially recently, cases of cyber attacks on user data on the network have become more frequent; attackers are trying in every possible way to hack the system and gain access to important information. To protect yourself and your clients from such situations, do not neglect the following:

  • A selection of services you can trust
  • Data encryption
  • Block Chains
  • Secure DNS
  • Continuous monitoring and testing of security

5. Progressive web apps (PWA) and accelerated mobile pages (AMP)

Not surprisingly, search engines will prefer to show more stable and faster apps, so it’s worth paying attention to this point. Technologies such as PWA or AMP reduce the loading time of web pages, so their use in 2022 is an absolute must. Which technology to choose depends on your specific situation. You can test both options and keep the one that suits you best.

6. Multi-experience

Phones and tablets are just a small fraction of the user’s devices. Currently, there are countless options where customers can download web pages or open applications – smartwatch screens, monitors in cars, or panels on PCs. For any type and size of the screen, your design must be adapted.

7. Motion UI

Animation and movement in design are all relevant and important for visual perception. Such moments should be thought out especially in detail since they attract the attention of users as much as possible. In motion design, there can be both headings and illustrations. Don’t make “cartoons” out of it, but try to keep the style and conciseness.

8. Micro frontends

Micro frontends have become monolithic instead, and since their quality and technologies imply flexibility and much greater scalability, this is an excellent option for implementation. Also, keep in mind that a micro interface can become part of a monolithic backend to make things easier for developers.

Technology stack for web application development

Here are a few tools, mastering which you can qualitatively increase the effectiveness of your web development.

Angular and MEAN stack

Model-View-Controller is three helper components of Angular that will assist you to write simple and efficient code. Two-way data binding allows any changes to flow seamlessly and immediately. However, when working on a more complex task, one-way binding can save you time and resources. Typescript is used to maximize the capabilities of Angular, which is important.

For Javascript fans, the MEAN Stack will be the best choice. Its constituent components:

  • MongoDB – database
  • Express.js – web framework
  • Angular – front-end framework
  • Node.js – backend


React is a library, not a framework, which carries with it certain limitations: you have to use third-party services to get the full work. But its undeniable advantage is that the virtual DOM system allows you to react even faster to any code changes.


A young but gaining popularity framework has not left many developers indifferent. It has basic functionality, but the Vue system offers a ready-made base for the supporter of helper services, due to which there is absolutely no need to process additional source code.

Flutter for web

Flutter helps optimize web development so that it can run on any device, be it a small wristwatch interface or a TV screen. In the age of multitasking for development, this is a very good tool.


Node is compatible with JavaScript and is an essential tool for building server-side applications. Pay attention to this stack, it is also used with JS frameworks.


This stack is a Python framework and is also used as the back end of a web application, but unlike the previous options, it is compatible with any other interface framework.


The advantage of Laravel is that it is perfectly compatible with both its main programming languages PHP and Vue, Angular and React are included in this list.


Trends are difficult to follow and keep up with, but only in such a pursuit can you maximize customer benefits and make development highly customer-centric. As you already understood, in 2022 we are giving preference to security, visual, the development of voice search, and the development of machine learning algorithms for data personalization. Be in the flow and do not miss your wave, because most likely these trends will be relevant for longer than just one year.

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  1. The web itself is a flexible platform, but Flutter is ideal for building web applications like PWAs or SPAs and bringing your existing mobile app to the web.

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